Our Services

Communications Strategy

Is your current communications strategy disjointed and ad hoc? Are you struggling with creating the right messaging that will move your core audiences to action? I can help you create a communications plan that will give you the most effective reach and delivery for your message. Together, we’ll define your core message, develop or clarify your brand, identify and segment your audience, and design a communication strategy best suited to each group.

Marketing & Social Media

Do you have social media accounts that just hang out there, waiting for some jazzy content that will inspire your audience to interact with your business? Want to get started on social media, but not sure which platforms are most effective for your organization’s goals? Need help with SEO and effective messaging? I can help you choose the right social media platforms and create compelling messages that will reach the right audiences.

Long-Form Writing

No matter what business you’re in and whatever your writing needs – from annual reports to grant proposals to research papers – I can create a polished and elegant piece that expresses your core message while staying true to your voice and brand. I specialize in working with subject-matter experts to craft content that is both accessible to the lay audience and interesting. To see examples of my writing, click here.

Graphic Design

While not a full-service graphic design company, we can package your written pieces in attractive ways and develop posters, PowerPoints, and other materials to augment your message using Adobe InDesign and Microsoft Suite. To see examples of our work, click here.

Editing & Everything Else

  • Do you need another set of eyes to ensure your written piece is error-free and on target? I provide various levels of editing, from simple proofreading to complete rewrites.
  • Is that book you’ve been planning to write just a jumble of notes and partially written chapters languishing in the desk drawer? I can work with you as a ghostwriter to pull it together and get it ready for publication.
  • Do you need to develop training materials for your organization? I can help design and write content for manuals, study guides, PowerPoint presentations and more.
  • If it's not listed here, just ask! I can either do the work myself or refer you to an outstanding colleague who can.